QPL2016 : Schedule

Quantum Physics and Logic
6 – 10 June 2016, Glasgow, Scotland

Here is the schedule. The slides of each presentation are linked below, and where the video recording is available it is linked too.

For the abstracts of the contributed talks, see the accepted papers page.

If you want to download an outdated version of the schedule as a PDF, including some local info, that is here.

Monday 6 June 2016

09:30Tutorial Lecture: Daniel Oi
Quantum Foundations and Bell Experiments Slides PDF Video
11:30Tutorial Lecture: Aleks Kissinger
Process Theories and Graphical Languages
14:00Tutorial Lecture: Kohei Kishida
Non-Locality, Contextuality, and Sheaves Slides PDF Video
16:00Tutorial Lecture: Ognyan Oreshkov
Causality and indefinite causal structures in quantum theory Slides PDF

Tuesday 7 June 2016

09:30Tutorial Lecture: Conor McBride
Logic and Functional Programming Video
11:30Tutorial Lecture: Peter Selinger
Introduction to Quipper Video
14:00Invited Lecture: Elham Kashefi Video
15:00A. B. Sainz, N. Brunner, D. Cavalcanti, P. Skrzypczyk and T. Vértesi.
Postquantum Steering Slides PDF Video
16:00G. Chiribella and C. M. Scandolo
An operational resource theory of purity Slides PDF Video
16:30C. Lee and J. Selby
Grover's search and higher-order interference Slides PDF Video
17:00B. Coecke and A. Kissinger
Generalised no-broadcasting for process theories. Slides PDF Video
17:15I. Contreras and A. Duman
Geometric Quantization and Epistemically Restricted Theories Slides PDF Video
17:30Conference Photo!

Wednesday 8 June 2016

10:30 Invited Lecture: Stephanie Wehner
 From Bell inequality violations towards device independence of general quantum cryptographic protocols Video
11:30M. Gachechialdze, N. Tsimakuridze, C. Budroni and O. Guehne
11:45Hypergraph states, their entanglement and robustness properties Slides PDF Video
12:00A. A. Abbott and C. Branciard
Noise and Disturbance for Qubit Measurements: An Information-Theoretic Characterisation Slides PDF Video
12:15A. Gheorghiu, P. Wallden and E. Kashefi
Rigidity of quantum steering and one-sided device-independent verifiable quantum computation Slides PDF Video
14:00R. Raussendorf
14:15Cohomological framework for contextual quantum computations Slides PDF Video
14:30S. Abramsky, R. Soares Barbosa and S. Mansfield
14:45Quantifying contextuality via linear programming Slides PDF Video
15:00R. Kunjwal and R. Spekkens
15:15Noncontextuality inequalities for Specker’s compatibility scenario Slides PDF Video
15:30L. Disilvestro and D. Markham
Quantum Protocols within Spekkens' Toy Model Slides PDF Video

Thursday 9 June 2016

10:30Invited Lecture: Martin Roetteler
 Reversible circuit compilation with space constraints Slides PDF Video
11:30A. Westerbaan.
Quantum Programs as Kleisli Maps Slides PDF Video
11:45K. Cho and A. Westerbaan
Von Neumann Algebras Form a Model for the Quantum Lambda Calculus Slides PDF Video
12:15B. Musto.
Constructing mutually unbiased bases from quantum Latin squares Slides PDF Video
14:00R. Duncan and K. Dunne
Interacting Frobenius Algebras are Hopf Slides PDF Video
14:30M. Backens, S. Perdrix and Q. Wang
A Simplified Stabilizer ZX-calculus Slides PDF Video
15:00S. Gogioso and F. Genovese
Infinite-dimensional Categorical Quantum Mechanics Slides PDF Video
15:15A. Hadzihasanovic.
A topological perspective on interacting algebraic theories Slides PDF Video
16:00D. Verdon and J. Vicary
16:15Tight reference frame--independent quantum teleportation Slides PDF Video
16:30D. Pavlovic and P.-M. Seidel
(Modular) effect algebras are equivalent to (Frobenius) antispecial algebras Slides PDF Video
17:00S. Tull.
Operational Theories of Physics as Categories Slides PDF Video
17:15 A. Kissinger and S. Uijlen.
Picturing Indefinite Causal Structure Slides PDF Video

Friday 10 June 2016

10:30Invited Lecture: Tom Leinster
 In search of the spectrum Slides PDF Video
11:30F. Roumen
Cohomology of effect algebras Slides PDF Video
12:00G. Carù.
On the Cohomology of Contextuality Slides PDF Video
14:00M. Rennela, S. Staton and R. Furber
Infinite-dimensionality in quantum foundations: W*-algebras as presheaves over matrix algebras Slides PDF Video
14:30A. Westerbaan and B. Westerbaan
Paschke Dilations Slides PDF Video
15:00A. Wilce.
A Royal Road to Quantum Theory (or thereabouts) Slides PDF Video
16:00M. Ozawa
Operational meanings of orders of observables defined through quantum set theories with different conditionals Slides PDF Video
16:30J. Hedges and M. Sadrzadeh
A Generalised Quantifier Theory of Natural Language in Categorical Compositional Distributional Semantics with Bialgebras Video
17:00D. Marsden.
Ambiguity and Incomplete Information in Categorical Models of Language Slides PDF Video
17:15D. Bankova, B. Coecke, M. Lewis and D. Marsden
Graded Entailment for Compositional Distributional Semantics Video
17:30 FIN.